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"Tak Ada Rotan, Koran Pun Jadi. It is our slogan in Bahasa to express the uniqueness of our products. Usually, most of weaving products made from rattan, thread, fabric, or plastic. Instead of producing handycrafts from such materials, we use newspaper as main resource to create weaved handycrafts. Our business itself started from Trash Bank in Sekolah Alam Bogor in 2009. The program operates to increase people awareness in taking care environment through collecting and sorting the trash. People who joined the program may change the collected trash into amount of money. While thinking about the those trash, we got many ideas to recycle them into various handycrafts. Because newspaper is one of the most available resources, we experimented a lot in turning them into many beautiful stuffs. Yeah, we made a lot of artwork from newspaper and getting immersed into our creation. Fortunately, after a hundred handworks, we found technique to make weaved handycrafts made from newspaper. We were astonished and exciting about what we made. It looks artistic and unique! Many our first buyers appreciated our works. “It is so creative and beautiful!” they said. Impressed with our product made them telling their friends about what we made. It spreaded around and we got a lot of orders in no time. As we found that business has good prospective in market and benefit environment, we established Salam Rancage. It was founded by Aling Nur Naluri and A.A.I. Tri Dewi Permana in 2012.Due to need of manpower to, we plan to recruit many people to join. There are many prospective workers near our workshop, they live in Sindangsari village in Bogor, near our workshop. What we found in the village really shocked us. Many people lived in poverty that they spent no more than $2 a day and they work as freelance labors where they were paid unfairly. One of villagers we know got paid only 5,000 rupiahs (about 4 cents) for every 50 kilograms of cassavas she peeling off. The work took time and energy yet her job is unappreciated by the business owner. It is only one of examples we found among stories that prevail their struggling to live. Salam Rancage offered them another activity with more and fair payment, provide them with alternative in economic choice. It is so meaningful to operate business while we help people to achieve better life. As we take a look deeper, we realized if this business turn into vehicle to empower people, assisting them to embrace awareness in many ways, especially in respecting environment, embracing social values, and distributing economic chance. Business Type: Exporter and Producer Scale of Business: Small Category: Gifts & Crafts Main product : Home Decor Year of Establishment: 2016 Intl. Commercial Terms: CIF | Term of Payment: LC Export Market: International | Export Port: - Factory Address: Jl. Al-Hasanah IV, Tanah Baru, Bogor Utara Production Capacity: OwnProduction 100% Contact: - 62 812 8639 7562"

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Jl. Al-Hasanah IV, Tanah Baru, Bogor Utara, Bogor KAB. BOGOR , Prov. JAWA BARAT