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Dinnaro More than just a brand, Dinnaro is passion woven into a lifestyle. Making its way to the industry in early  2014, the brand took 4 years until legally established in July 2018, under the name of PT Dinnaro Bumi  Kreasi. Dinnaro has been ever since providing high quality products with attention to detail. The brand  also supports local craftsmanship by using local goods and materials, as well as empowering local  craftsmen across the nation. With all the good intention, Dinnaro sets up plan for community growth,  collaboration and helping small business to grow, together. Shapeshifter Dinnaro’s essence dan principal of the product is shapeshifter, that is  inspired by geometric-shaped building which is constructed with  timeless, modern and multi-purpose design for modern women with  mobility. Every accessory is made with durable materials for convenience  and comfort. Purpose is the key of this creation. Thus, Shapeshifter is made able to be  transformed through designated origami technique into different looks  for different occasions with simple steps. With shapeshifter, Dinnaro aims to celebrate the dynamic of life,  persona and lifestyle.   Dinna Rohmatunnisa Dinnaro was founded by Dinna Rohmatunnisa in 2014. Rather than calling it a business, she prefers  calling it a work of passion, a seed of hard work that grows. Finished her master degree at Nottingham  Business School back in 2008, she helped a family business in hospitality, and then continued her path as a  business consultant for a while before taking a design course with Sapta de Lucas—a fashion educator,  former lecturer of Esmod Indonesia. Along the way, she grew fondness towards accessory in specific, until  she thought it was just about time to pursue what has been a dream: to commit in the industry, turning  her passion  to reality. The business started off with her creation (shapeshifter bag) awarded as a winner in Lomba Perancang  Aksesori 2014 held by Femina Group and Jakarta Fashion Week. And with that, she’s been offered  opportunity to take a short course at Istituto Marangoni, Milan where she learned accessory design and  artisan: a provision to bring home, a dream that came true. In addition to that, the shapeshifter became the  idea and essence of Dinnaro, a distinction that sustains the business. From time to time, Dinna realized that Dinnaro is where it is now because of so many helping hands—  vendors, friends and family—enabling Dinnaro to find its voice in community and a good will to create  positive impact and be beneficial for those in need. And through that, with passion, Dinnaro is humbly  driven  and delivered; to grow, to keep creating and to empower people. Publication Lomba Perancang Aksesori 2014 as a first winner. Featured in Cita Cinta Magazine edition 24 XV 1-15 Des 2014. Featured in Cita Cinta Magazine edition 05 XVI 9-23 Maret 2015.

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