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"The Company vision is to be a resilient company working on agricultural biomass to transform it into green energy for local demand, empowering local community through production with technology transfer to create collaboration in supply to meet market demand. #natural #renewable #sustainable

We innovate product which meet sustainable business. No Single Tree killed. We turn waste into energy. Raw material is waste coconut shell, we turn it into coconut charcoal through brick kiln system carbonization. The coconut charcoal than sieved and processed into Kalpa Agni the Carbon Pellets.

Producing better product compared to Wood Charcoal. This product better in calorie, heat, burning time also packaging need smaller room for warehouse.

Business Type: Exporter
Scale of Business: Micro
Category: Agriculture, Gifts & Crafts, Machinery
Main product : Carbon Pellets Biomass Energy
Year of Establishment: 2012

Intl. Commercial Terms: FOB | Term of Payment: LC
Export Market: Thailand | Export Port: TANJUNG PRIOK
Factory Address: Jl. Raflesia 2 Blok C1/16 RT 008, Perum BKM, Kel. Kayumanis
Production Capacity: OwnProduction 100%, OutsideProduction 0%

Contact: Asadullah Al Aziz,

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Jl. Raflesia 2 Blok C1/16 RT 008, Perum BKM, Kel. Kayumanis, Bogor



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Asadullah Al Aziz,

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