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"CV Trust Indo Damar is a private company established on December 23, 2021 and is engaged in non-timber forest products, especially resin or Damar Batu. CV Trust Indo Damar is a change and improvement in the licensing status of individuals who have been operating since 2015. We are a dynamic company that continues to grow in line with the conditions of the times, and is competitive. We continue to develop the products of our work by prioritizing partner satisfaction as the focus of our business, for all of our work partners.

The progress achieved by the company is inseparable from 3 main factors, which is human resources, business processes and corporate values or culture. The integrated synchronization of these three factors is a step that must be taken by the company in order to be able to lay the foundation for the company’s goal of becoming the main choice for non-timber forest product service providers, especially Damar Batu.

Business Type: Exporter and Producer
Scale of Business: Medium
Category: Agriculture
Main product : Damar Batu
Year of Establishment: 2021

Intl. Commercial Terms: FOB | Term of Payment: LC
Export Market: International | Export Port: PONTIANAK
Factory Address: Jl. Tabrani Ahmad Gg. Kencana lestari 2 blok C No. 7 Kel. Pal 5 Kec. Pontianak Barat
Production Capacity: OwnProduction 100%, OutsideProduction 0%

Contact: Bagus Arry WIbowo

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Jl. Tabrani Ahmad Gg. Kencana lestari 2 blok C No. 7 Kel. Pal 5 Kec. Pontianak Barat, Pontianak



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Bagus Arry WIbowo

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