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"OUR VISION : Sustainable of Triple Bottom Line ""Planet, People, and Profit""
Agarwood Cinnamon Tea is original product of East Kalimantan with raw material sourced from own plantation with guarantee quality and benefits. It’s made from Aquilaria mallacensis leaves and Cinnamon, so that authenticity and quality are guaranteed, starting from the process of picking leaves, processing, to distribution. Sekatup Sari Indonesia as a manufacturer since 2015, there over 3000 Gaharu trees at the plantation as the main raw material, aged up to 8 years.

Four important reasons, why you should choose our product?
1. Traditional medicine for healthy life
The combination of agarwood leaves and cinnamon, is a ""double power"" which strengthens each
other as high antioxidants so that it can increase body immunity naturally.
High antioxidant that is efficacious for health and reduce some symptoms of regenerative disease.
Such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart, also to relaxation, body weight management, gout, skin care,
Repair damaged cells, Constipation, Detoxification, vitality and sexuality.

2. Environment sustainability
The solution to global warming is to limit CO2 emissions and plant trees to reduce CO2 production.
Agarwood is the best CO2 absorber, because fruiting plants (Spermatophyte) need more energy to produce flowers and fruit.
Why is the agarwood tree so important?
- Absorb CO2 emissions 56 tons / day / ha (1 ha: 2000 trees)
- Producing O2 15,000 liters / hour / ha , an oxygen supplier for 283 people / hour
3. Social economic
Can empower farmers and women as Agarwood leaf pickers. by involving them as workers, it can increase family income

4. Green product
Environment friendly, raw material from special plantation, processed naturally by minimizing waste through preventive, Reduce, reuse, and recycle (replanting of agarwood from the seeds)

Business Type: Exporter and Producer
Scale of Business: Small
Category: Food & Beverage
Main product : Teh Gaharu Cinnamon Kalimantan Timur, Teh Gaharu Original Kalimantan Timur,
Year of Establishment: 2019

Intl. Commercial Terms: CIF | Term of Payment: LC
Export Market: Korea, South | Export Port: -
Factory Address: Bukit Sekatup Damai, Jl. Gunung Belayan No. 17, Kelurahan Gunung Elai, Kecamatan Bontang Utara
Production Capacity: OwnProduction 100%, OutsideProduction 0%

Contact: Hainun

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Bukit Sekatup Damai, Jl. Gunung Belayan No. 17, Kelurahan Gunung Elai, Kecamatan Bontang Utara, Bontang, East Kalimantan



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Korea, South

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