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PT Ragam Jasa Indah


In the market there are many beverages that produce by beverages manufacture and consumen drink it. In our experience many of them are not natural drink and not good for long term consumtion. There are so many beverages in the market that contains chemical, coloring and preservative. This condition make people suffer in the health problem.

Because of that conditions we create natural beverages, great taste and savour and we choose it ginger as a base of our beverages. We call it RAJAHE that come from Indonesia word RAJA (means the king) and JAHE (means ginger).

So RAJAHE can be means as The king of ginger. As we do on beverages so RAJAHE means the king of ginger beverages. It is natural, excellence taste and savour.

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Jl. Erlangga Raya 3 Rt 9 Rw 4 , Semarang



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Bintoro Rajahe

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