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"Since the 15th of August 2005, Mustika Tembakau Indonesia has been passionately pursuing our grand vision of contributing to the development of the people and the country through the cigarette industry. Starting with only less than 10 employees, now we have grown to over 300 to what we consider as family, recruited from the suburbs surrounding our headquarters actively contributing to the improvement of the locals quality of life. We sold our hand-rolled cigarettes to more than 20 cities across Indonesia spreading our glorious mission to pass on the legacy of Kretek cigarettes that is slowly forgotten over generations. Our most popular product, Mustika Cerutu, a hybrid cigarette incorporating the concept of Cigar and classic Kretek cigarettes is the tip of our spear on pursuing our mission. A demonstration of a successful innovation, as we hope to inspire others to always seek improvement through creativity.

Business Type: -
Scale of Business: -
Category: Agriculture
Main product : -
Year of Establishment: 2005

Intl. Commercial Terms: Negotiable | Term of Payment: Negotiable
Export Market: International | Export Port: -
Factory Address: Desa Gempolsari No. 15, RT. 04 RW.01, Kecamatan Tanggulangin, Kabupaten Sidoarjo
Production Capacity: OwnProduction 100%

Contact: Anisah Yulaifah
+(62)822 5703 5383"

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Desa Gempolsari No. 15, RT. 04 RW.01, Kecamatan Tanggulangin, Kabupaten Sidoarjo, Sidoarjo



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Anisah Yulaifah

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