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Meldeb Kitchen comes from the words Mel and Deb, the name of Founder Debbie Melianti. Meldeb Kitchen is a creative actor from Manado - North Sulawesi since 2017. Proud of the original potential of the region in the form of fish, spices, culture and tourism, we expand the potential of culinary culture by taking advantage of the abundant, rich and sustainable potential of fish and spices. In addition, we introduce culture and tourism through culinary products which are the cultural heritage of the Minahasa land, where we are indigenous Minahasa people.

We process various unique and endemic fish raw materials and spices into culinary products that can be enjoyed by anyone, including the world community, which is our mission. By using regional potential, utilizing technology and having a social and environmental impact


Jln. Atas 2, Ranotana Weru Ling. V. Kec. Wanea, Kota Manado, Sulawesi Utara

Negara Tujuan Export

Malaysia, Singapura, Amerika Serikat dan Eropa

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  • May 17, 2022 4:30 pm local time

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NIB, PIRT, Halal, HKI Merek Dagang, Bahan Baku Nutrisi (Nutrition Fact)

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Debbie Melianti Tamboto

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