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Evoware (PT Evogaia Karya Indonesia)


"With 8 million tonnes of plastic leaking into the ocean every year, EVO & Co. aims to reduce this number by offering a range of biodegradable and compostable plastic alternatives. EVO & Co. heads multiple brands, which are Evoware, Evoworld and Rethink, that have the same vision: a world without plastic pollution.
Our company began with groundbreaking innovations called Ello Jello cups and seaweed-based packaging. These products are edible alternatives to single-use plastic cups and plastic packaging that are made from seaweed. After winning numerous awards and grants, we are determined to make our products more available and compatible to the market.
Three years after Evoware's establishment, we expanded our range of products and services. Early 2019, we established a campaign called Rethink, targeting people to evaluate their habits in terms of their plastic consumption. With Rethink, our mission is to get 1,000,000 people to reduce their plastic consumption by using sustainable alternatives by 2020. Along with running the campaign, EVO & Co. established its second brand, Evoworld. Offering a wider range of products, Evoworld focuses becoming a one stop solution for plastic-free alternatives, from biodegradable, compostable to edible.

Business Type: Exporter and Producer
Scale of Business: Medium
Category: Food & Beverage, Packaging & Printing
Main product : -
Year of Establishment: 2016

Intl. Commercial Terms: Negotiable | Term of Payment: Negotiable
Export Market: International | Export Port: -
Factory Address: Jl. Tebet Dalam IG No. 21A Jakarta Selatan
Production Capacity: OwnProduction 100%

Contact: Ira Engelya

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Jl. Tebet Dalam IG No. 21A Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Selatan


Jakarta Selatan

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