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A local brand from
Indonesia, which
backpacks, bags,
waist bags, and
various bags that
emphasize the best
models, quality and

The CONVIOUS brand was created
during the arrival of the COVID 19
pandemic, as a form of adaptation
to the economic situation. April
2020 was the first month for
CONVIOUS courage to stand up
with a brand name of its own.

Moving on to UMKM,
CONVIOUS empowers
local residents. Using
domestic materials,
and preparing a
variety of quality
equipment, our brand
is ready to compete at
the next level.

CONVIOUS has a mission to maximize all local
resources, including human resources.
With a vision to focus on UMKM, CONVIOUS
wants to prove that UMKM products are able
to compete in local and international markets.

CONVIOUS 'Strong Points:
Produced by a team that has been in the bag
production field for 8 years
Proven production capacity
Have a loyal workforce
Best price to performance comparison

CONVIOUS has enough foundation to
handle from design process to
production process, even to
marketing, promotion and
distribution. It is hoped this will
attract investors.

CONVIOUS segmentation is
the middle class,who need
a choice of quality brands
but still with the latest
models and affordable
CONVIOUS presents a
variety of backpacks, waist
bags, cycling bags, and will
enter a sharper segment
with a community base

Business Type: Producer
Scale of Business: Small
Category: Fashion Accessories, Luggage, Bags & Cases
Main product : Tas dan Sandal
Year of Establishment: 2011

Intl. Commercial Terms: FOB | Term of Payment: T/T
Export Market: International | Export Port: -
Factory Address: Komlek Rancamanyar Regency 1 Blok CD Utama No.15
Desa Rancamanya Kecamatan Baleendah, Kabupaten Bandung
Jawa Barat 40375
Production Capacity: OwnProduction 100%

Contact: Reni Marliani, Ende Suherman
Co Founder, Founder"

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"Komlek Rancamanyar Regency 1 Blok CD Utama No.15
Desa Rancamanya Kecamatan Baleendah, Kabupaten Bandung
Jawa Barat 40375, Kabupaten Bandung"



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Bidang Usaha
Nama Penanggung Jawab

Reni Marliani, Ende Suherman

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