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"Black tea is the most consumed tea by Indonesian and Asian people. People are usually consume their tea after having breakfast, lunch or dinner every day. Each tea has their own distinctive aroma and flavor. The best way for having the best taste of black tea is brewed the black tea with a glass of hot water with a temperature of 90-95 degrees for 3 to 5 minutes. Black tea can also be mixed with a herbs and spices, such as lemongrass, lemon, jasmine, cinnamon, etc. But it will not reduce the original taste of the tea.

White tea has the most benefits compared to the other types of tea. The shortest processing time of this type of tea compared to other, and also having an antioxidant, polifenol and higher katetin. The benefits of white tea for our body are, as an anti-cancer, protecting heart, anti-aging and many others. For having a best white tea is by brewed it with a glass of hot water with a temperature of 80-90 degrees for 3 to 5 minutes. We can enjoy a cup of white tea on the morning or evening for improve our body fitness and also for eliminate the fatigue after doing a lot of activities.

Green tea has an efficacy for maintain our health and stamina. This type of tea are contained with antioxidant and vitamin, which can help for improving the function of our heart. Besides, antioxidant can also shed fat on the body, and also keep the elasticity of the skin to be free of wrinkles. No wonder if a variety of tea and beauty products which is contain of green tea are always be hunted by consumers. For having a best green tea is by brewed it with a glass of hot water with a temperature of 70-75 degrees for 3 to 4 minutes. If it left for too long the taste will be so bad. It will be better for drink it after eat and make a pause for an hour after eat for shed fat on the body.

Business Type: Trader
Scale of Business: Micro
Category: Food & Beverage
Main product : Teh
Year of Establishment: 2015

Intl. Commercial Terms: CIF | Term of Payment: LC
Export Market: International | Export Port: -
Factory Address: Perum Nurul Ikhwan B3 / 4 Tanah Baru
Production Capacity: OwnProduction 100%

Contact: Supandi

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Perum Nurul Ikhwan B3 / 4 Tanah Baru, Bogor



Negara Tujuan Export


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